Asus 1015b vs acer BZ465 netbooks

I am looking at getting a netbook and have narrowed it down to one of these two but cant decide, as soon as i get it i will be upgrading to win 7 professional and 4gb ram.

I dont have any experience with either company and am concerned about quality/reliability of the acer vs asus...or if there is any significant difference at all between them in that regard

i want to know which one would be better or if there is something else in the ~$300 price range that is a better value

Acer AO522-BZ465

- higher resolution
- c-50

Asus 1015b

- easily upgradeable
- longer battery life
- red
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  1. Hello offroadyota;

    4GB and Win7 Pro? What do you expect to be doing with your 'netbook?
    The single core C-30 isn't a great candidate for any real multi-tasking. Neither is the C-50 dual core for that matter.
  2. well i have a copy of win 7 professional, and what i have read it is recommended to upgrade the ram and there is little price difference from 2 to 4...i know 4 is overkill but i figure why not?
  3. The RAM upgrade for the Aspire One AO522 will take the price to $340.

    For just $30 more you could get the HP Pavilion dm1z 11.6" @ $370
    AMD E-350 1.6GHz dual-core AMD Fusion Laptop, 3GB RAM, 250GB 7200rpm HDD, 11.6" 1366x768 LCD w/ HD 6310 graphics.
    A major upgrade in CPU performance, 9.5 hrs battery life, a keyboard big enough to really type on and only .75lbs heavier than the Aspire One AO522.
    HP Pavilion dm1z review
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