I just bought a dual MP1600+ with Asus A7M266D. Everything works fine, except that my W2K shows that I have dual XP cpus instead of dual MP. Is this a bug or I got rip off by the seller? Since MP is more expensive that XP cpu. The model no. show on the chip is AMP1600MS3C. It looks like MP1600 to me. Does anyone have this problem?
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  1. Probably just a bug since XP isn't dual capable.

  2. no worries. even if they were xp's which i doubt they are, they are the same chip. xp's will run in dual mode, <b>BUT</b> it's not guarnteed with them. so not all xp's will run in dual mode.

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  3. you cant have two xp processors or win xp wont do dual proc?

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  4. Processor's not Win XP hehe, XP should be dual capable i would think, at least pro should.

  5. XP CPUs are fully dual capable, they are just not rated or warrantied to funtion in SMP.

    AMD MP Chipset will run Duron/Morgan/Tbird/XP/MP in dual configurations. Only MP are supported in dual, all run in single and are supported.

    AMD MPX Chipset will run XP/MP(and Morgan I think) in dual, but not Tbird or Duron. Again, only MP are supported in dual. All will run in single and are supported.

    This is according to pratical experience from the users on the 2cpu forums. I will be putting it to the test shortly once my mobo (Tyan MPX) and 2 x 1700XPs arrive.

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  6. The AMP1600 string is good, it is a real MP processor alright. Actually, the MP andXP processors are the same, just that MP ones are officially validated to do SMP, XPs arent. You can be quite certain that most of the XPs will do SMP, so its really a waste of money buying TWO XPs!

    Since they are same, AMD dint bother to change the MP's CPUID signature which, is still returned as XP!

    I would suggest that you buy 3 XPs which would cost almost the same as two MPs, out of which there is 33% chance that one isnt good at SMP, but the other two will be good for sure. Then you can either return that extra XP and get a refund or use it in another system!


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  7. I concur that XP chips can be used, because I have done it many times, in fact I should be building another dual xp 1800+ in the next day or two. I have no worries at all. I find it funny that your MP chips are showing up as XP chips because my XP chips always show up as MP chips, although I must admit I've only used the Tyan Tiger MOBO and never used the asus dual board. Good luck with your MP endevors, dual athlons rule.
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