847 (well, ok, 8 or 9) programs have stopped working.

Every time I turn around, "This program" has stopped working. Here are the examples that are on the screen right now.
Windows shell common dll has stopped working
Microsoft Sync Center has stopped working
Microsoft sync center has stopped working (Yes, again, the first one wasn't closed.)

These ones popped up on reboot (I also often get one, I can't remember specifically, but it has to do with the windows media sharing config.)
Then I tried to run SFC First time:
The instruction at 0x6fff0a08 references memory 0xffffffff (Or how ever many f's) The memory could not be read.
The second time
System Integrity check and repair has stopped working.

For the love of god, please help me, this is driving me nuts!
I have norton antivirus, and did a complete scan. It found tracking cooking, but nothing else.
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  1. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but norton is absolute crap. Doesn't even know when it gets screwed itself. :lol:
    You should back up your data & format the whole HDD, do a clean install & create new partitions (basically, run the whole 9 yards).
  2. Actually someone else suggested that on another forum as well, however have been a great fan of norton (the antivirus) for a very long time. It was, as I suspected very strongly, was not the fault of norton. I installed a 3d driver from www.iz3d.com. Seems even though that that program itself was not running, it was still causing issues with my system. So I INSTALLED it and it worked fine.
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