Amd phenom or intel i7

I am multimedia student wan to assemble pc
for Editing videos N Playing Games
which one is better amd phenom or intel i7 standart ???
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    definitely the i7. I say that and I am, honestly, a bit of an AMD fan. If you can afford it, the i7 is faster in pretty much everything and uses less power to boot. (generalizations, but generally true).
  2. +1 to what Spryguy87 said. Do you have a specific budget in mind?
  3. I game on a quad core phenom and it does OK with general tasks but given a better budget it would have been an i7 or at the very least and i5 for non-gaming tasks.
  4. get a mac(multimedia)... and because you are a student... use a console for gaming.

    for editing... it is the program that you are using thats more important, and because you are a student the time to encode is secondary...

    and since you are a student, money is tight... so intel is quieter, less power consumption, but more expensive.

    i am useing an AMD 8350, only because that is the "eco-system" that i have.

    go the cheapest intel you can find... h61,2120,gtx 660....
  5. An i7 is the best way forwards for both editing and gaming rig.
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  7. true i7 is better but in all honesty mate get the fx 6300 £105 amazon.

    the fx6300 is just amazing in terms of performance/price.

    just a thought.
  8. or theres a fx8320 on amzon for £80 used, i would personally think about this :) in real world terms i dont think the i7 justifys the price.

    sorry 8120
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