Need help installing wireless mini-PCIe card in Vostro 1500

I just purchased an Intel 6300 Ultimate N wireless half-height PCIe mini-card, along with an extender to turn it into a full-height card, to upgrade a Vostro 1500. Because it's a half-height card, the antenna wires don't quite reach when the card is installed in the WAN slot. I tried installing the card in the WPAN slot, where the wires (barely) reach, but was unable to connect to any wireless networks. Does the card have to be in the WAN slot, or should any of the three slots work? I'm using the latest drivers from the Intel web site. BIOS is A05. Card shows up properly in Device Manager. OS is XP SP3 with latest patches. Haven't tried resetting the CMOS yet (some posts on other forums indicate this might be required, but I reinstalled the old card before I could try it). Thanks!
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  1. Updating to the A06 BIOS got the wireless card working in the WPAN slot. However, the hardware wireless switch didn't work and neither did Dell Network Assistant, so I put the card into the proper slot and was able to get enough cable length by popping off the hinge cover and gently tugging on the antenna cables. Dell Network Assistant still wasn't working, so I uninstalled it and installed the PROSet software from the Intel site. Works great - 360+Mbps on the 5GHz band with a Linksys e4200 router. The wireless sniffer function is gone (sliding the wireless switch into sniffer position doesn't bring up a list of wireless networks), but that's a minor nit.
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