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Ok, I have been looking for a new system but I don't want to pay through the nose as it is. I'm Canadian, so I kinda get the short end of the stick, but meh. Anyways, I've been watching and I've noticed that really CPUs are far too powerful now for what's needed, nothing requires really anymore than a 500mhz computer, and there are now CPUs with easily 4 times that. I believe that now the most essential part of a system is the video card as that spec is always increasing greatly. My question is, what is the minimum reasonable CPU I should run with say a GeForce4 Ti? Also, how important is the 7200rpm hard drive, how much space should I have (in GBs), and where are good places to save in terms of what areas of computers? I know this seems like a lot but I want some outside opinions heh. I'm looking to stay somewhere in the ballpark of $2000 cdn, but I also want to be able to do a lot of stuff. Thank you for your help... :)
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  1. PIII 1000 or Athlon 1000, anything less and you won't see the full benefit of the video card.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  2. i would go with an athlon xp 1500+ or 1600+, their pretty cheap. if u dont wanna go for that, the duron 1gz is a good deal, but i dont think it really goes with the geforce 4ti.... if u can afford it and need some extra space u might wanna get a 60gb 7200rpm hd, but thats totally up to u, if u dont need the space then dont buy it. newegg.com is the best place to buy the stuff from.
  3. hahaha
    VERY open ended questions...

    it really depends what u want to do
    an athlon XP1500+ should be ample processing power for games and stuff.

    i dont know why u are considering a geforce4 allready. they are bearly out and cost a fortune.
    and nowerdays a 7200rpm hard drive is a must... it speeds up EVERYTHING thats related to loading. games, saving, apps, windows boot time etcetcetc.
    my prefrence is IBM or Maxtor for fast reliable and quiet drives.
    ibm has the 60gxp range in 20,40 or 60 Gb, the 120Gxp in 40 80 or 120
    maxtor has the D740X in 40 or 80Gb.
    for an "average" user i reccomend at least 40Gb.
    enough for al your apps, games & music.

  4. Yeah i agree, You need atleast a 40gb, 60GB isn't going over board these days... I would go with a anthlon 1900+ with a Geforce 3 ti500, with the Budget your on. You will See amazing results...

    Anthlon XP 1900+
    atleast 40 GB HD
    i would suggest minimum of 512 DDR memory
    and the Geforce 4 Ti4600, if you want top of the line, but there is no need to spend that if your on a tight Budget, Geforce 3 ti500, will do the trick..


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  5. Yeah the geforce 3 ti500 is a better bet cuz its price is gonna drop dramatically with the Geforce 4 series out. Sure the G4 kicks ass, but when are when gonna see games that will use it? Probably not until middle of next year at the earliest, and that will likely be a patch anyway.
    7,200 rpm is quickly becoming standard for hardware nuts. 40 gigs or more should be enough. But like someone else said, it really depends on what ya wanna do with your sytem.

    All said, the advice others gave is good. Go with DDR, it makes a difference.

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  6. >but I also want to be able to do a lot of stuff.

    I hate to ask the obvious, but what are you going to do with your computer ? I assume gaming, since you're talking about a Geforce4. Let me tell you this, a friend of mine has a P3 933 with a Geforce 2 GTS. It runs ANY new game without any real noticable visual degradation compared to my 1.4 Tbird with Geforce3 Ti. Sure, I can run my games in 1600x1200, but frankly, it doesnt look any better than 1200X1024. At least, I cant tell the difference on my 19" Sony (except for the reduced refresh rate). I also cant tell the difference between 70 or 250 frames per second.

    If money really matters to you, get a 1 Ghz duron or 1.5 Athlon XP. They are dirt cheap, and will give you quite some headroom for upcomming games. For the videocard, I'd consider a Geforce2 PRo right now. Once DX8 games really hit the shelves, upgrade it to a GF3 or GF4. Right now, a GF2 Pro is really all you need for gaming. Prices on GF3/4 cards will come down in 6 months when it might be waranted to buy one. Right now, I'd say it usefullness is limited to running nVidia tech demos, showing off 3DMark scores and such.

    As for the harddisk question. Yes, get 7200 rpm. It costs hardly more, and is noticably faster regardless of your cpu. As for the size.. up to you. I find 40 Gb pretty hard to fill.

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  7. Anything over 1 GHz will be enough for most people. With your budget C$2000, you could build a very good computer. Get a AMD 1700+ with 512 MB DDR ram. You must need a 7200rpm HD. Because the HD is the slowest part in your computer, a better HD will minimize the bottleneck of your system. Get a 40GB, they difference betwwen 20 and 40GB is around $20 - $30. Most HD manufacturers are going to discountiue 20GB model.
    You could save $$ on floppy (less than $15), get the cheapest one, brand doesn't matter. Sound card, if you don't need very good sound, use the on-board sound.
  8. Quote:
    P3 933 with a Geforce 2 GTS. It runs ANY new game without any real noticable visual degradation compared to my 1.4 Tbird with Geforce3 Ti. Sure, I can run my games in 1600x1200, but frankly, it doesnt look any better than 1200X1024

    The point of a gf3 is to turn on anisotropic and AA.

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