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Here is my <A HREF="http://gamershq.madonion.com/compare2k1.shtml?2645789" target="_new">1.6Ghz P4 Northwood</A> overclocked 900+ Mhz with Arkua HSF with sunflower retention mech and fan.

<b>no volt mod, pelt, or watercooling needed.</b>

Only thing not stock is the RAM and bios rev, PC1066 and bios rev 77 from Fatburger

The motherboard is a TH7-II without RAID.

I will be hooking this CPU to supercooling tonight =)

The CPU sells for $148 and motherboard $145 both from newegg.com. And I love that RDR price dropped below DDR.

Im not pushing my radeon 8500 very hard, was at like 185/185 or very close.

This is the new price/performance champion. higher performance at half the price of the XP 2000+

Sorry about slacking on the RAID benches, trying to figure out why I lost 8000 points in sandra when I went from 98se to WinXP. Im gonna reload wen I have time.
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  1. how common are the 1.6Ghz northie and PC1066 RDRAM?

  2. The CPU is very common now, the ram will be available 2Q 2002.
  3. Dealer spot prices are still 20% higher for RDR compared to DDR. If RDR is cheaper its just your dealer =) Still it is a far cry from the triple it was last year, so that is certainly progress!!!

    Jesus saves, but Mario scores!!!
  4. Question: how did you get PC1066 if it isn't out yet? (You said Q2?)

    Hard work often pays off in time, but laziness always pays off now.
  5. P.S.
    its not "real" overclocking unless u change the voltage to MAX! :wink:

  6. Let me get this straight, you have some actual PC1066? Dick.

    Nice scores.

    Whenever you post I'm always drooling over whatever hardware it is you say you are testing at the time. You must be Gods cousin or something to be able to get all the cool crap you talk about here.

    The thing I hate about the 3DMarks is there is no way to tell how fast the memory was going. Were you running the RAM at 133MHz? I had heard there were issues with the clock generators on this board not being up to doing 533 reliably. Did you run into that problem? What did you do to fix it?

    Know of any good black market PC1066 dealers?
  7. LHG, its an engineering sample.

    Samsung RDR is ready for PC1066. the only thing that needs to be done to current production is change of clock generator to 533 from what I understand. it runs in current motherboards with current/new bios.

    Thats actually a low score, just where I left off with a full run. Im finding the top end now. 3Dmark2002 is supposed to list out the good stuff.

    And reguarding ram prices, Samsung PC800 is the same price as generic PC2400 $67 and cheaper than PC2700 $77. and god forbid you buy name brand like kingmax, mushkin or corsair. $93+
  8. So the Abit i850 board doesn't need to have the clock generators replaced to run at 533? It's just a bios flash?

    Blah, Blah Blahh, Blahh, blahh blah blahh, blah blah.
  9. Quote:
    Im not pushing my radeon 8500 very hard, was at like 185/185 or very close.

    You were underclocking your 8500?

    RAM Disk is not an instalation step.
  10. Why are you comparing PC800 and PC2400? Most people buy PC2100.

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  11. PC800 is highest performance RDR, why not compare highest performane DDR too? or is that not fair?

    I would not use PC1600 or PC2100, nor would I use PC600 RDR.

    You buy PC2100 CL3 for your machine Fatburger?
  12. No, because I have a KT7a-RAID. Remember that the majority of current AMD chipsets run at 133MHz (excluding overclocking, of course). And yes, if I were to buy a KT266a (or SiS735, or...) motherboard right now, I would buy PC2100.

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  13. nice dude... i a few days i'm gonna try to run a 1.8 at 133fsb with rdram.
  14. My bad, 285/285 Radeon clock

    133 FSB is easy with 1.8A make sure you have good air flow through your case.
  15. Wierd that you would buy the slowest ram for that machine, when you can get nice gains from agressive memory timing. Its actually worth the few dollars more.

    Since I overclock I dont buy the cheapest/slowest memory.
  16. I just picked up name brand DDR (Kingston) for 64$. Generic is going for 51$. Generic RDR is 66$. didnt check name brand price =) So generic is closed to a 15% difference =)

    Jesus saves, but Mario scores!!!
  17. I have generic PC133 in my machine, and I have it set on the most agressive memory timings possible. I also had it at a 140FSB, but my sound card apparently didn't like it.

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