I cant start windows on normal mode, or safe mode

i bought my hp pavilion dv6 laptop in 2010 and the warranty went out on 2011, i turn on my laptop and i only get the quick web. Every time i try to start window it tells me it cant. i can not even get on safe mode. it asks me to repair my computer but every time i click on that i get a blank blue screen (baby blue color). Help me i have tried everything. i have tried to go on safe mode it wont let me, i tried to go on safe mode command prompt and it still wont let me,
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  1. Your HDD went, try purchasing a new one.
  2. How much does that cost? What is a HDD?
  3. how much is a HDD? What is a HDD?
  4. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hard_disk_drive

    Because you have had this laptop for some time and you are lacking in some basic computer knowledge I can only suggest that you take it in somewhere to get it fixed. Anything we suggest will be beyond your level.

    If on the other hand you are only pretending might I suggest that you first double check the hard drive connections (power data) as one may be loose. This requires the knowledge to locate the HDD in the laptop. Even try swapping out cables to verify the problem is more than just power or data communication to the HDD. Thus the suggestion of taking it in for repair.

    Keep in mind that by taking it somewhere you very well might loose your personal data stored on the HDD. But this is a moot point if the drive has physically failed (and not just a connection) as a failed HDD is unaccessible.

    Unfamiliar terminology definitions can be located on the internet via Google or similar sources.
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