Turn on a laptop using a keyboard

How to turn on my laptop using keyboard?
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  1. Use sharp keys to remap your keys, you can set one of the keys as a power button. But you'll lose it's original function.
  2. Is it too difficult to hit the on button? It's right next to the keyboard.
  3. LOL! Don't you love it when Techies get ticked off by questions that are pointless?
  4. Not many people are asking for what your asking beatrizsolis
  5. i also want to know if there's a way to use keyboard to turn on a acer aspire 5735-4173. why? you might ask, answer: power on original button has been getting unstable, i mean, i must press it lot of times in order to turn on the computer i already used dielectric cleaner on it with no change on its beheavior. any help will be wellcome.
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