whats the deal with new fsb333?

Hi I have a question about new FSB 166mhz DDR AMD systems. Iwill has their xp333 motherboard and via has a kt333 chipset and many motherboard companies will come out with new boards supporitng DDR pc2700 speed in the next few months based on these new chipsets. The reason that I am so confused is that it is my understanding that there are no current AMD cpus that are at the 166mhz fsb unless you unlock them...is this correct? It is my understandin also that the tbreds coming out will prob. not start out at 166 and will be at 133, so will i be using the full capabilities of pc2700 mem if there is no AMD cpu out there that supports it? I know about unlocking...but I don't want to do that so any opinions?

Thanks for any replies.

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  1. on the new chipset you have the option to use the full capabilities of these new rams.

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