Looking to add esata and/or usb3 to laptop help..

I have a dell inspiron 1520 and it has an express card slot - I don't know anything about the add-on capabilities/limitations of express card slot...

What I'd like to do is (building new desktop pc) Hot swap a 3.5" internal hard drive between the desktop and laptop for back ups...
Desktop case I'm looking at has an angled hot swap bay on top of case.
Don't care for using USB portable hdd anymore for backups - accedentally disconnected and lost everything from corrruption...

Can I add on sata/esata/usb 3.0 to express card slot for use w/ 3.5" internal hard drive?

Are there add-ons that might have a Sata/esata and usb 3.0?
If so, could you guys throw up some links to best products (price/performance for my situation)?

Also, what are the typical transfer speeds and/or bottlenecks (limited by my laptops hardware capabilities)
of the different connection types?

THANKS for sharing time and knowledge,
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  1. I was worried at first you that you wanted us to give you a recommendation for a motherboard, thankfully, you didn't.
    You may add a express card:

    BUT! 3.5" HDD require external power. In this case, you need an external hard drive enclosure, which would eliminate the reason to get a eSata express card. I am not aware if the express card slot has that kind of electrical power.
  2. ok thanks about enclosure..
    which enclosure would you recommend?

    what about adding usb 3.0 to express card slot?
    would there be limited transfer speed due to laptop hardware?
  3. This is a great enclosure, I have one, it works great.

  4. thanks again...
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