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what type of laptop or notebook should i get to keep intouch with fimily
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  1. i am going away an not sure what to get alls i will be useing it for is chatting to friends an family
  2. Depends on your budget, I suppose. Decide how much you are willing to spend and then see what's available.
  3. Laptop and Notebook mean the same thing... I suppose you mean Netbook? A very small portable "laptop"?
  4. Well, here are the differences between Notebooks (12.1-18.4" ) and Netbooks (7-11")

    A Notebook, is a regular everyday laptop, that is portable, but also gives you more power, more ergonomical, and better features then a Netbook. Small laptops are called ultraportables, meaning they are light, and easy to carry around, and at the same time, they have the features that make them a Notebook. The most popular Notebook size is 15.6", these laptops can range from low budget systems, to gaming machines, so does the weight and speed. The biggest laptop group, Desktop replacementt, begin at 17" and generally don't exceed 18.4". They are maded to sit on a desk, to basically replace a normal desktop computer, which you may not have enough room for, or you are moving around with the laptop, such as traveling, although they are labeled desktop replacements, they do not have a power that a desktop has, Desktops are cheaper, and faster, they also run cooler, and will last longer. The advantage of using a Notebook, is it's "portability" (some laptops weigh as much as 10 pounds.) and the battery life, generally speaking, the smaller the laptop, the better the battery. If you are looking for a 9 hour battery life, then you will have to go with a small Notebook, or a Netbook. If you want to be comfortable using the laptop, then a Notebook would be better. If you do not already have a desktop, or another laptop, then go with a Notebook, if you do have any of those, then you can get a Netbook, they're cheap, their battery lasts a long time, and they are a good solution of you want to be able to skype from anywhere (aslong as you have an internet connection).

    Hope this helped :)
  5. Laptop = notebook = "Lappy"

    Netbook = smaller and less powerful than a laptop. Good enough to chat online and surf the net. And emails too.
  6. Do not post the same question twice, especially less than 5 minutes apart. People do other things than just hang out in this forum waiting to answer questions.
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    What type of laptop or notebook should i get
  8. sano47 said:
    what type of laptop or notebook should i get to keep intouch with fimily

    Generally depends on the screen size you want and what your budget is.
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