Random Freezing (even when idle!)

OK my computer freezes fairly often and i can't fugure out why. Some times it will freeze while im playing games, which I guess isn't that unusual. But often when i just leave the computer on in windows (98SE) without any programs running, i come back and its frozen. The mouse doesnt work and i have to hit the restart button.

What are some possiblities of why this would be happening?

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  1. System Specs
    AMD 1.3 GHz tbird 266fsb
    FIC AZ11ea
    256mb pc133 ram
    Visiontek GF2 GTS 32mb
    SBlive 5.1 sound
    Windows 98 SE

    Darbish Fish, Mmmmm Floppy!
  2. How long is it idle before it crashes? I had a similar prob a while ago on an intel pc, whenever the system went into standby mode and stayed that way for a while it would not come back. Now I just turn off all the support for that and simply power down when I'm not using it.

    Because of the other crashes you described I don't think this will help but it's a place to start at least.
  3. No thats not the problem i disabled even the screen saver and it still freezes. Could it be an IRQ problem. In "Device Manager" it says my video card and network card are both on IRQ 11

    Darbish Fish, Mmmmm Floppy!
  4. It could cause lockups, your NIC card is probably in the first PCI-slot, which share IRQ with the AGP port, but it in another slot and see if that helps.
    Another possibility is that you have a bad powersupply that is causing your Voltage to fluctuate to much, use a hardware monitor app (like MBM:<A HREF="http://mbm.livewiredev.com" target="_new">http://mbm.livewiredev.com</A>) and see if they not differ more then 0.3V from normal Voltage.

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  5. dont forget he's using win98... that sucker could generate errors just lookin at it.

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  6. If you download all updates, Windows98 runs pretty stable, I use it myself.

    My case has so many fans that it hovers above the ground :eek: .
  7. I run 98se since it's out and don't have any problems with it, every time I get errors it's hardware related, change it and running fine again.

    It's too bad that people blame the OS a lot when most of the time it got nothing to do with their troubles.

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  8. okay... its possible then to get it stable... but i never did, back in the days of non SE.
    i just dont like all the residual 16bit stuff left in it. im a win2k man and im not goin back.

    22 hours of uptime since my last reboot. on a dodgy motherboard whats more.

    Overclocked athlon 1200C @ 8.5 x 166FSB + PC2700 = GOOD! :smile:
  9. win98se is not too bad, I've had it run for a week without reboot on my system. WinMe is much, much worse.

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  10. 1) try to check your memory www.simmtester.com or with Memtest86

    2) If your mb have a via chipset install the last version of 4in1

    3) Check you 5.5 and 3.3 (ps)

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  11. You know its funny. The only times I ever get instabilities with W98 is when I've been messing with my system...

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  12. I know, regular 98 people got some problems, hear a lot less from SE users (also trouble for people who got the 98 upgrade not the full version, what were they thinking?). I got 2K too, couldn't get it to run well when first got it, the detonator driver at that time screwed my whole system (video card didn't like the idea and froze every 10 seconds after boot, it was running fine before 2K detonator was installed). Didn't try it since. Also got XP but it just sitting around with 2K, but will try that too one day. I just hate upgrading OS when the one I'm using running fine.

    Is it just me or 95, 98, 98se, and ME are nothing but patches for win 3.1? :lol:

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  13. Win Me is basically Win98 with some tweaks, bug fixes, and a bit of core DOS stuff taken out to improve loading time. It's quite stable, just disable that damn System Restore. I shut my computer off every night to save power but one time I had to leave it on for three weeks so a dude in Russia could FTP something off me. It stayed up the whole time, never had to reboot. And I was playing games at least three times a week, like Quake 3 etc.

    I agree with the poster who said that the OS is blamed a lot when usually it's the hardware. In my experience it's usually either *heat* or the *chipset* that's to blame. Get adequate cooling and a solid chipset and your troubles will melt away. :)
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