What causes blue screen in toshiba Satellite A200 -MR0?

Hello,my Toshiba satellite A200 -MR0 which operates on windows vista home premium often shows a blue screen with many writings and quickly restarts, so you don't finish reading, upon restart it says, windows just recovered from an unexpected shutdown, what causes it? Please help me fix this blue screen error.
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  1. It can be anything. Hardware failure. Windows Vista becoming unstable.

    The best thing to do is immediately backup your important data.

    If it is a software issue, then it would be difficult to determine what the cause could be. Did you recently install any software? Or have you shut off your laptop without allowing Windows to properly turn itself off?

    A clean install of Windows Vista is probably the best option to take if you are not going to bring your laptop to a repair center. If after a clean install you still have BSOD (blue screen of death), then that would point to a hardware issue. At that point you will need to bring it into a repair center.
  2. you could alternatively disable the automatic restart on critical error so you have time to read what the BSOD says. YOu can then google the error codes to give you an idea of what caused the error.
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