Dell Inspiron 1720 Audio Problem

Hello,I have a near-perfect Dell Inspiron 1720. Everything in works except the sound. I cannot hear any sound whatsoever even with an ear phone or the external speakers or internal speakers. Please help in a practical way that would help resolve the nagging problem.
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  1. Okay, click start, right click on computer and click manage, in the new window, click Device Manager, which is located under system tools. Go to the sound, video and game controllers, right click, and click scan for hardware changes, if there is no luck there. right click on the correct audio device and select update. If that doesn't work. Then, uninstall the drive and restart the computer, if it detects it but still no audio... it might be a hardware related problem, but one last thing you could try is updating the audio driver from dell.
  2. In continuation to the previous reply you have got, if the issue persists after all that steps, I would suggest you to reinstall the drivers. I have included the link for your convenience.

    The link comes with the steps to install the drivers and this should help you fix the issue. If the issue persists, I would recommend you to contact our tech support over the phone. If you have any concerns getting help over the phone, reach out to us at @dellcares on twitter or, we would be glad to help.

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