"A system image cannot be saved on this location" HELP!

So I'm trying to backup my files and create a system image on my secondary hard drive (a Caviar Black 1Tb) when windows backup shows me this message, when I prompt for more information, it says "A system image cannot be saved on a drive that your computer boots from or Windows is installed on."
I checked disk management and the Caviar Black is NOT marked as a System disk, I can't find any help online and this is really pissing me off as I have no other way of creating a system image...
It worked when I first put my computer together, but it's been a few weeks that I've had it and now it's giving me these messages.... Please help!!!
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  1. I assume, although you didn't say so, that you have two HDDs in your system, your OS or boot drive, and the Caviar Black 1 TB. If so, were both drives connected at the time you installed Windows? My experience has been that when two or more drives are present during Windows installation, that Windows puts boot files on the second disk, so that later, when you remove what you thought was an extra disk, all of a sudden Windows won't boot. It also affects trying to do a backup, because Windows knows that the system won't boot without including the second drive in the backup and restore.

    You can test this by disconnecting the data cable from your 1 TB Caviar drive and then doing a reboot. If Windows won't boot, you have your answer.

    There is a way to move all the boot files onto your "C" drive, I'll look that up and re-post.
  2. You didn't say what operating system you're using, so I'll assume you're using Windows 7. The following probably applies to Vista also, but I wouldn't count on it working with Windows XP, at least the part about how to get to a command prompt from your boot media.

    Assuming that some of your boot files are on your second hard disk, boot the computer using your installation media, without the second drive connected.

    If prompted, select the language, time, and keyboard options. Select to Repair your computer, select to Use recovery tools..., and then start the Command Prompt. Make sure to cancel any automatic repairs.

    Change directory to dvd:\Boot
    Run Bootsect from there using the command line below

    BOOTSECT /NT60 C: ( or what ever drive letter you want to install the boot information onto)

    That should make the "C" drive the only system drive, the only drive needed to boot the system. You can verify this by rebooting with the 1 TB Caviar disconnected. If it works, re-connect the Caviar and your backup should work the way you want it to.
  3. Yeah sorry, I did kind of write that in a hurry
    I am in fact using Windows 7 but I didn't have the Caviar Black connected when I installed windows. I only had my SSD (a Corsair Force GT) connected when going through installation of my OS.
    Is what you suggested still useful given this information??
  4. Well, the message says that the secondary drive IS part of the system, and the only time I have encountered that message, it's because the initial boot loader was on the other drive. So matter how it got there, it looks like you have that situation.

    It certainly can't hurt to go through the steps above. If all the boot files are already on the "C" drive, all it will do is to write over them. No harm, no foul, and it might just solve the problem.
  5. Alright I'll try it when I get home tonight and I'll keep you updated thanks again.
    The reason I'm skeptical is that it was working fine when I first built my system and now all of a sudden it tells me I can't save a system image there... I already have a system image saved on the disk from the second day I had my computer and now I can't... Anyways thanks for the suggestion I'll get back to you on that
  6. You could always delete the partition on your 2nd disk, then format it, using diskmgmt.msc (Start-->Run). If it lets you perform that action (probably won't if there ARE boot files there), then that should permit you to perform a new system image backup. Of course you'll be deleting your current backup, but since you're going to replace it right away, it should be OK. However, be prepared for the unlikely possibility that your system won't boot afterwards.
  7. Well, I'm officially confused... After moving my Antec CC folder onto my Force GT, I can all of a sudden make that system image on my hard disk... I guess there was a file in there that was considered a system file... Weird.
    Anyways it's working now thanks for the suggestions
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