New Computer Problems - Files Corrupting

Okay, my friends recently bought a new computer.


Asus A7S333 SiS745 DDR333 U100 w/Audio
AMD XP2100+ 1.73Ghz CPU 266fsb box
512MB PC-333 PC2700 DDR
DiamondMax Plus 9 60G (UATA133, 7200rpm)
Radeon 9500 Pro


Files corrupting like crazy. When trying to install any game, he always gets an error about an I/O problem, or a corrupt file. It ISN'T the Programs/Games, as they are all originals.


Warcraft 3
Unreal Tournament 2003

Didn't Work:

Counterstrike (2 diff. cds)
Adobe Something
Unreal Tournament

He can't even uninstall some programs as he gets a "Uninstall.exe corrupted" message.

My guess would be it's a RAM problem...

Any tips?
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  1. first try replacing the IDE cable(s), once I did that just to see and corruption ended. another time the northbridge pooped out on the motherboard and got corrupted files reported left and right (everything was okay when used cd and hdrive in my other setup).

    low cost start would be the IDE cables and then see. you never know, seen a few bad apples in brand new toys

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  2. Could it be the CDROM problem?
  3. My 2 cents worth:

    Try disabling any antivirus software.

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