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Hello, I have a solid state drive which I installed Windows 7 on, however it's only 80 GB and thus I am currently using my 1 TB hard drive to install my games on.

My question is: Can I make it such that the default installation paths go directly to my E: drive (the 1 TB HDD drive)? Furthermore can I force windows to create a program files directory on the E: drive such that Windows itself will keep my folders organized?

Thank you for your time.
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    Only way to do that is when installing a program, you tell it to install there. Otherwise, if a program requires the system drive to install certain files (such as the shared components), I don't believe there is much you can do about that as the Common Files is always stored on the system drive.
  2. I see, thank you very much for your clear answer.

    I guess I'll just manually create files to keep my folder organized until Microsoft decides to implement such support.
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