Do you Know the 'Real' Name of Athlon MP 1600+

I recently bought an Athlon MP 1600+ CPU, it not only with name Athlon XP showed on the packing, but also show it's name as 'AMD Athlon(TM) XP 1600+' when I check it with WCPUID. Do anybody with the same experience? Have I got a remarked processor? I can't get any useful information from the AMD web site, please help.
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  1. I think somebody sold you AMD XP insted of MP (made some bucks). As I know It MAY BE WRONG XP and MP are the same, but one entry in somekind register is changed on the CPU.
  2. Look on the CPU,if it's a real MP the part # is :
    The XP is :

    Good luck.

    Sorry for my spelling I'm french...hey I ain't perfect!
  3. Thanks varlo. I find that the part # is AMP1600DMS3C, it seems that I got the right processor. However, what should be the name string of Athlon MP 1600+? I still need to know about it.
  4. Its quite simple.......first tell us what Motherboard your running ???

    As I know with the Epox 8KHA+ in the bios theres a seting called "SMP Capable - Enabled/Disabled"

    If you put it on Enabled, it readfs the processor as an AMD Athlon MP XXXX+ but if its set to disabled, it reads it as an AMD Athlon XP XXXX+ Processor.....

    Check your Bios for a Similar Option........look for anything relating to SMP, MP etc....

    ALSO.......another easy way to see if it's REALLY an AMD Athlon MP Processor is to look at the L1 Bridges...MP's are Factory Unlocked, meaning the bridges are not laser least, i think AMD is still doign it that way.....look at them and see if u see burn marks so to speak on all the L1 bridges on the CPU Packaging......

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