Replacement hinge for sony vaio vgn-fz320e

I want to replace the left hinge on a sony vaio vgn-fz320e. The replacement came as a pair (left & right). Both hinges seem to be frozen, ie will not rotate. If I install hinge as is, will the connection to the screen frame give enough leverage to rotate hinge? Or should I try and free it up somehow? How to free it up? I tried a small wrench but had no luck. I don't want to break something.

Can someone help me?

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  1. If you wanted to replace the piece, you'd have to take it a part anyways. Why not try opening up the laptop and making sure that nothing is in the way? maybe a lose wire? Maybe it is just stuck and needs to be taken out and then played with?
  2. hpfreak,

    I took it apart, there was nothing in the way. The hinge was broken- that's why I had to replace it. So I just installed the new hinge as is. It turned out that the hinge did rotate when it was attached to the screen. It's a very tight hinge, as I can now see. It has to be tight so the screen isn't floppy loose.

    I put it back together successfully, which means I didn't break anything in the process. Along with the new keyboard that I installed at the same time, my old laptop has a new lease on life.

    Thanks for your reply.
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