How to overclock amd n970 phenom 2 laptop windows 7

How do i overclock this puppy?
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  1. What is wrong with people wanting to overclock laptop hardware these days?!

    Anyways, use this at your own risk, if it blows up into little pieces don't come here looking for help...
  2. According to techpowerup, it is only compatible with a few OSs excluding Vista and Win7, I don't think it will work.. even if it does work, 25 Mhz isn't worth it for a laptop, laptops have horrible cooling compared to desktops, stock thermal compound is just like chewing gum... not efficient, and sometimes not even effective... laptop fans are usually cramped, very small, not very fast, and covered in dust. Laptops don't have freaking water cooling...
    Anyways, like I said before, use it at your own risk. Know the consequences if something goes wrong, or doesn't work right to begin with...
  3. Thank you, will leave as is, as it is plenty fast anyhow... thanks!
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Overclocking AMD Laptops Phenom Windows 7