Sun using AMD's Hammer ?

I know its pure speculation, I know its 'only' the inquirer, but the idea is interesting enough if you ask me. According to the inquierer, Sun might just plan to implement Hammer in its new line of "low-end" servers. Seems to make a lot of sense to me.. Sun was going for x86 servers anyway, pretty much hates intel, Hammer offers 64 bit computing, seems ideally suited for dual and quad cpu systems (suns 'low-end'). Throw in Linux to the equation, and it really makes sense. I sincerely hope SUN does it; it might just be the deal AMD requires to enter the 'high-end' (for AMD anyway) market. Keeping my fingers crossed...

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  1. Would be nice, hammer looks tasty =)

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  2. That would be good move for AMD.

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  3. The choice wouldn't really be up to AMD. AMD simply wants to sell as many CPUs as possible, regardless of who to. Sun would be the sole company making a choice here.

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  4. You're right. The word 'move' wasn't in place, I should have said 'That would be good for AMD'.

    My case has so many fans that it hovers above the ground :eek: .
  5. true... but they would still have to "win" (read: market and bargain) the contract... something like this could bring AMD into the eyes of the big companies that fear change, and possibly create that 50/50 market we would all like to see with perfect competition... and equal marketing depts.

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