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High end PC DVD player

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November 12, 2000 3:17:18 PM

I've had a guy suggesting that if you're serious about home theatre, especially a projector, then the only way to go is an RKR unit (Cassini, Titan). RKR ( build a dedicated DVD player from a PC that can scale up resolutions. Currently the top of the line is the Titan, using a PIII 800 and Geforce2. Sounds great but pricey - anyone actually experienced one?

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November 16, 2000 8:16:17 PM

Yor friend sounds like my brother-in-law. more money then brains. You'd think they got the money buy winning the lottery if you didn't actually know them.

I happen to know a little about computers, and a little about LCD and DSP projectors.

And there are many ways to go.

If you want to go computer based, out to a front projection unit, you do not have to get that really expensive system on that site.

Build your own. When you go through some site like(, they have ways of making [-peep-] sound like it will taste good if you chew it a certain way.

I would put together an AMD base computer
1ghz thunderbird-- cheaper then that Intel and faster.
top end mobo like Asus or Abit(my choice)
Pioneer DVD player 169.00 canadian.
I would spell out the whole system but thats why toms site is all about -- learning whats out there and making your own choices.

Now, you don't have to go computer based for hometheater.
My hometheater layout is couple years old and I like it.
Teac 5.1 dolby receiver, I would go with a dual recever DTS and dolby. Movies are coming out with both now.

Anyway gotta go, babies dinner time.

Good luck. Chat with you later. ICQ 98281684

Take Care.
If money was no object, how could you spend it!
October 17, 2002 12:30:00 AM

No, just buy a set top box, but a damn good one.

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October 20, 2002 8:13:11 AM

I have only dealt with one factory built Home Theater PC (don't remember the brand). It was less than impressive. So on I went to build one myself. I am building my second one presently. The ONLY advantage to purchasing a ready made box is the fancy user interface that's included. If you know your way around the windows o.s. and other software, then there is no reason to buy an expensive, low performance, overpriced rig. Even if you do not feel comfortable putting the computer together yourself, you can have a local shop put one together for you. Instead of a tower case get a 4u rackmount case, all the other stuff will fit right in, just like a tower case. For the most part I agree with Crazy_mck's advice, except the choice of cpu. For my main computer I really don't care about the noise level. For the HTPC I think the lowest noise level possible is of paramount importance, therefore use a P4 cpu with a fanless cooler. The AMD cpu is an excellent choice, however it requires more aggressive cooling. I am using 2 5400 rpm drives at raid 0 to keep the speed up and the noise level down, I have a network backup daily so data loss is not a concern if a drive fails. Get a good sound card, the creative soundblaster AUDIGY is ok, but it wont do 24bit/96khz to record and playback. If you like high end stuff, look at the Terratec aureon 5.1. The video card should include a DVI connector, as this will soon be the standard, I think. The ATI 9700 All in Wonder is my choice. ATI is still hard at work with their drivers, but the hardware is there, soon the drivers will be up to par, I hope. If more is better, then Matrox offers some excellent solutions, especially if you intend to do serious video production.

December 22, 2002 1:47:48 PM

I have a pretty sick system that me and my dad chiped in for
If you want an insane Home theatre system, i think best way to go is a settop box, but buy separate components, like a reciver, then buy separate speakers and subs..

I have an Onkyo Tx-SR700 receiver.. And center, 2 surround, 2 front Definitive Technology Speakers and also a SUB... Also, Not Cheap @ all... but my dad converted like half of my Basement into a HOME MOVIE theatre... and a Mitsubishi Ws-65711... Picture and sound quality kills a movie theatre in my opinion!~

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