New Croma

New Croma

New Croma

The New Croma has an aerodynamic, penetrating front, featuring new-design drop-shape lights with a distinctly Italian look. The large mesh radiator is perfectly incorporated with the lower air intake, while the Chrome Shadow paint gives the front a refined appearance that retains the family feeling ushered in with the Grande Punto and continued with the Bravo. The rear bumper adds an extra touch of character and sportiness, while the from the side, the cars has a more dynamic look thanks to the smooth lines and the design of the fenders, spoiler, side-skirts and rear lights. A further touch of class is provided by the combination of gloss black painted uprights with the new chrome inserts on the window frames and on the side bumper strips.

The New Croma boasts an incomparable amount of interior space: welcoming, bright and with enough room to make any journey relaxing and comfortable. The ergonomic seats can comfortably accommodate passengers of any size; the broad dashboard is fitted with a central console housing all the main controls (climate control, gearbox, infotainment); there are a host of handy closing storage compartments including the ‘cold box’ with a capacity of around 3 litres, which is cooled using the cold air from the air conditioning system; a large panoramic sunroof, a genuine ‘window on the sky’ that makes the interior wonderfully bright; and a large, practical luggage compartment.

And what’s it like to drive? Easy and relaxing, thanks to the electro-hydraulic power steering; responsive and powerful, thanks to its petrol or Multijet turbodiesel engines; outstanding performance, yet environmentally-friendly.
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  1. Hi carforall, curious, are you a reviewer, a fan or a sales rep?

    just reads a little like the press kits i get sent for different vehicles.

    haven't driven one of these, so would be interested to know what they are really like, not what the PR tells me.
  2. I want to know that what exactly in this which differentiate from other? I mean tell extra features of this car and also how many colors are in this model?

    turkey trip
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