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As a PC gamer, there are times where I see players get banned online and will try everything in their power to find out way, get revenge, or make up some loony story. One such excuse will be getting ban due to their swearing, spreading rumors about the game, talking about the negative side of the game and its staff, etc.

When a player gets banned because of those verbal reasons, that player will usually take out his "Right to free speech" card online, expecting it to work just as well when you use the excuse on US soil. The problem is, the Internet is part of the world and there is no such thing as Free Speech rights in say... China or North Korea. So why people insist of using this "Right to Free Speech" online? Is it in fact that there is really the free right to say whatever you want online?

I disagree for the following reason:

The Internet is full of pages of services. When you have to sign up for one, there is a binding agreement of the rules that will allow you to mingle with that page's services. It's like a huge a city with houses and if you want to be part of a house, you'll have to follow their rules. Break a rule, and you'll get banned from that house.

Agree or disagree?
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  1. To err is to be human ...

    Remember we are culturally conditioned to follow rules ... for the good of all.

    If you opt out or disobey there will always be consequences.

    * Hint * If you try to fit in you will spend less time in gaol, hospital, or at the nut farm.

    I thoroughly recommend fitting in ...

    Fitting in is good ... so keep taking the little red pills like we told you.
  2. All depends on the rules of the page your looking at and local laws of the host.
  3. Your freedom of speech ends where the harassment of others begins.
    OR the FBI break down your door.... :o
  4. outlw6669 said:
    Your freedom of speech ends where the harassment of others begins.
    OR the FBI or your local law enforcement officials break down your door.... :o

    For another look at freedom of speech issues, look at the blasphemy laws in places like Pakistan.
  5. Yeah, ALL religious laws are farked :pfff:
    I think the middle east just has it worst off than the rest.
  6. There certainly is freedom of speech on the internet. you won't get your web server removed from it no matter what you say, at least in the US or most of the EU, unless you are organizing a revolt or terrorist attack and someone finds out.

    Freedom in forums is just like freedom in a restaurant or bar. you have to stay within certain constraints in order to keep from having disruptions and conflicts. Just like you can't stand in a bar and preach alcohol abstinence or stand in a church and preach that there isn't a god, you can't go around flaming people over things in a forum and expect immunity just under "free speech." "Say what you want, just don't say it here..."

    Free Speech is not the right to say anything anywhere, but it is the right to not have the government interfere with your right to state your mind.

    Also remember: there are sometimes repercussions for what you say. You might make some people mad, and you'll have to take your lumps when you do.
  7. Freedom of speech is a myth. There is only what you can say and what you can't say.
  8. Especially when you're the moderator. :D
  9. You have freedom of speech, but websites have the freedom to ban you. Period.

    You can say whatever you want, and it's not illegal. That's what freedom means. People may get offended, but so what. Besides, getting banned from a gaming site isn't all bad. No more wasted time!

    But yea, between increasingly strict rules on various sites and more and more sites getting comfortable with banning people, freedom of speech is definitely slipping.
  10. Actually some things are illegal. Although it's a small range of things.
  11. Yes there is freedom of speech online, but you can't issue unintelligent remarks about people-place-things and disparage product with unfactual remarks only trueexperiences
  12. FYI: these two U.S. Treaties are supreme Law of the Land,
    pursuant to the Supremacy Clause in the U.S. Constitution:

    Article 19

    1. Everyone shall have the right to hold opinions without

    2. Everyone shall have the right to freedom of expression;
    this right shall include freedom to seek, receive and impart
    information and ideas of all kinds, regardless of frontiers,
    either orally, in writing or in print, in the form of art, or
    through any other media of his choice.

    3. The exercise of the rights provided for in paragraph 2 of
    this article carries with it special duties and responsibilities.
    It may therefore be subject to certain restrictions, but these
    shall only be such as are provided by law and are necessary:

    (a) For respect of the rights or reputations of others;

    (b) For the protection of national security or of public
    order (ordre public), or of public health or morals.

    Article 19

    Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression: this
    right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and
    to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any
    media and regardless of frontiers.

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