MS 2003 and 2008 DC Issue.


I have a client who has a MS SBS 2003 server setup as the domain and MS 2008 server setup as the DC. The client wishes to demote the MS 2008 server from the domain, then promote it as the new Domain, but promote the old domain MS SBS 2003 to the new DC without reformatting it.

Is this possible or what would be a reasonable approach to this situation?

The client as NexGen software installed on MS 2008 server and if anyone who knows this program knows how utterly sensitive it is to change.

If this environment was all on MS 2008, I wouldn't have too much of an issue since, but I'm not entirely comfortable w/ MS 2003 bc I have spent less time on it.

Thank you,

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  1. Clarify your statements please:

    Client has a SBS 2003 server setup as the domain. A MS 2008 server setup as the DC.

    Are they both DCs?

    In order to demote the 2008, you will need to capture the FSMO roles to the 2003 server. You can then demote.

    The 2008 can then be promoted back up and create a new domain and join the existing forest or create a new forest.

    In order to join the 2003 to the new domain/2008 server, you will need to demote and remove the old domain. Once that is done, you can re-promote it and join it to the 2008 domain.
  2. From the clients information.

    "The client does in fact have SBS server setup as the domain. A MS server setup is the DC"=correct

    From my knowledge, both should not be DCs. I'm going in to find out by checking both servers for myself.

    And thank you for your input Riser. It was most helpful for a second opinion.
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