Simple question about hibernation and pagefile files!

I'm using the Windows 7 RC, and I totally disabled the hibernation of the system and the use of pagefile, but their files are still in the pc, and are consuming lots of gb in my hard drive... It's safe to delete both of them??
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    pagefile uses disk space 1.5 x ram size while hibernation uses 1 x ram size. It is safe to delete hibernation files. I'm not sure about the pagefile. If paging file is disabled then I think it's ok to delete it.
  2. Never use pagefile myself,yes you can delete it if you have turned it off..:)
  3. You won't be able to delete if if the system is using it - so go ahead and try. If you delete it, you're fine. If you can't delete it, you'll have to go in and disable it.
  4. Thanks for the help guys!
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