What's the difference between AthlonXP & AthlonMP?

I was just looking at the dual Athlon article, and I noticed that the MP could run as a single processor, so I was wondering just what the difference between the MP and XP is (they both have the same architecture, core, frequencies, but MP is more expensive than XP).

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  1. The MP recieves additional testing to validate it for full SMP.

    Occasionally a cpu which passes muster as a single cpu has slight timing issues or errors which would cause problems in a dual cpu system. AMD guarentees MP's to work as smp systems, and does not guarentee XP's to work in said situations.

    Other than this they are identicle(but the mp's have the bridges non cut as well).

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  2. someone allready asked this exact same question, barely a day ago, on this forum page!

    here we go again.

    the MP is guaranteed by AMD to work in dual procesor systems. if they dont, u can get a replacment.

    Most XP chips also seem to work as dual cpu's, but if they dont, TOUGH LUCK.

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