Keyboard is typing wrong letters

Why my laptop keybord is typing wrong letters. Instead of #, £ is getting typed. instead of @, " is getting typed and others
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  1. Try restoring your system to a point before the issue. Maybe a registry error is causing it.
  2. Check the "Region and language" settings in Windows.
  3. try pressing and holding ctrl then push shift.

    it changes the layout of the keyboard between normal mode and some other alt's easy to do it without even knowing you've done it....try it and see what happens!
  4. Might also be a trace issue (broken keyboard) but try the other fixes first as well as turning it off and on and unplugging it and resetting its driver in device manager
  5. check the FN key (or something), there is a key that enables you to use the keypad within the keyboard. not sure though
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