windows XP setup problem

hello people.. i realy need you guys' help

well here are the specs and story to my problem
i bulit a pc for a friend
gigahertz athlon tbird
256 mb pc133 ram
asus a7v133a motherboard
toshiba 12x dvd
asus geforce2 gts 32mb video
network card
soundblaster live original
western digital 30 gig 5400rpm harddrive

well when i first built it.. i put windows 98 SE in it
and then when XP came out, i upgraded it to that for him
then after a while, he gets this error message saying that due to change of hardware or software, windows had to shutdown before any serious damages occur or something like that.. and it mentioned that it could be because of need of bios updating... so i found the bios update for it and upgraded... well, when i restarted it went right into windows XP no problem... but then second try it wouldn't let me get into windows period and thereafter

so i tried formating the harddrive about 3 times... tried installing windows 98 and upgrading to XP ,, but no luck
now the problem is when i try to install XP it loads all the drivers but right at the "starting windows setup" screen,, it freezes and nothing happens

could someone give me any tips or ideas on what might be the problem?

if i'm not clear on any part of this story, please tell me

i appreciate any help
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  1. The best way to install the OS is off the CD itself onto a clean partition. Don't do the upgrade.

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  2. Also, take the soundcard and network card out for now until you get the OS up and running. Keep it simple. All you want are the videocard and one cd/dvd drive in there for now.

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  3. I would regard this as a last resort. If the OS can't handle a sound card and network card during setup, the chipset has some serious problems. But then again, knowing VIA, this may be good advice.
  4. A friend of mine had major problems installing WinXP about two weeks ago onto his Athlon XP 1600+ system. I was there while he was trying to install it. XP would get through the text-based portion of setup just fine and reboot normally, but then would freeze up in the first few seconds of loading.

    Turns out his brand new hard drive was screwed up, according to Seagate's diagnostic utilities. He tried the drive on both the Highpoint ATA-133 controller as well as the regular IDE channel, same problem either way. Maybe the hard drive was dropped during shipping or something. Anyway, he RMAd it and should get the new drive today.
  5. I'ed go with Dh on that one - just install the os using basic components and once you are satisfied the os is working ok install the extra components one at a time and install the drivers one at a time.

    Could this message have anything to do with XP active verification thingamijig blocking Xp from being activated.
    You may need to contact MS for a activation code.
    Not sure on that last bit though. check on the <A HREF="" target="_new"><font color=purple><b>Microsoft</b></font color=purple></A> site

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  6. The timing of the BIOS upgrade with this major problem occurring makes me think it could be related.

    Get the most recent, and perhaps even the previous BIOS version.... then re-flash the BIOS with the most recent version. (I have seen it recommended that you flash your BOIS twice when changing it...) If the BIOS got messed up, this should fix it. You will probably want to reset your CMOS / BIOS settings after flashing the BIOS. Another thing to look for in the BIOS settings is the Slew Rate. Make sure it is set to 3 (or 1 for those with AMD XP processors)

    Finally... I highly recommend you check out this website for further support on this issue! It is the best resource for AMD related issues I have found so far.

    Try going to the forums by motherboard manufacturer (the Asus forums) perhaps...
  7. Your soundcard is probably causing it, in which PCI-slot is it placed?

    My case has so many fans that it hovers above the ground :eek: .
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