Needs to know CPU speed..

Hello..I am confused about my CPU speed here as two programs that test CPU speed, WCPUclk and Sisoftware Sandra show the CPU clock speed to be 1.1Ghz..why is that?

(I bought an AMD-1700+XP CPU and ABIT KG7 mobo)

SiSoftware Sandra shows CPU clock speed as 1.1Ghz..but here is what the BIOS on the mobo reads:

CPU Operating Speed 1700+(133)
Multiplier factor x11
FSB Rate Clock (Mhz) 133
Speed Error Hold Disabled

I am not sure how to interpret SisOftware Sandras CPU speed reading perhaps its reading from the FSB?

But the above numbers look ok. My ABIT KG7 manual says CPU Speed=External clock*Multiplier factor.
So that means my CPU speed is 133*11=1463Mhz or 1.463 Ghz, about right.

So what is Sisoftware Sandra and WCPUclk really measuring?
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  1. Very strange, do you have the latest BIOS version?
    I have an XP1600+ on a KG7 and according to Sandra the CPU speed is 1400 MHz.
    Have you set the CPU speed to auto 1700+(133) or to manual inside the BIOS?

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  2. Try to run the test again with WCPUID, which you can download at <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>.
    If that still shows 1.1Ghz, then check BIOS settings.

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  3. Should be a 1466mhz

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  4. I set the BIOS to 1700(133) setting when I first powered up the mobo after installing the CPU. On boot up after RAM check shows 1100MHz CPU speed as well.

    I cant select other than 1800, 1900, 1600 CPU speeds unless I use USER DEFINED. Did not flash BIOS other than what came installed on mobo-if I recall BIOS date on mobo was 10-21-01.

    Where can I look to see if Ive the latest mobo BIOS and what would the latest version be?
    Maybe I just have the older BIOS thats throttling the CPU back?

  5. When booting you will see a lot of numbers and characters in the bottom left of the screen, if you have the latest BIOS the last to characters are 5W.

    My case has so many fans that it hovers above the ground :eek: .
  6. I just purchased a new computer, the bill of sale says i paid for a AMD XP1700, the number that comes up under system info & with WCPUID says it is a AMD Athlon(tm) 1.1Ghz. I am running on a Gigabyte 7vtxe MB, did you ever get this to show the correct speed? & how did you get it to show correctly?
  7. The posters here have been correct in their advice to you I believe.

    It is almost certainly one of 2 things:

    1) You need to upgrade the BIOS to have it recognize the CPU at that speed (this is unlikely if it is a fairly new system, but it IS possible)

    2) You need to go into the BIOS and ensure that the bus speed is set to 133 (not 100). This will fix your problem. (11 x 100 = 1.1 Ghz and 11 x 133 = 1.463 which is the 1700+'s speed)

    It is very common that people don't set their bus speed properly in the BIOS at first, or that the system encounters a problem and defaults back to the slower bus speed.
  8. Well set it to manual then!!!

    Jesus saves, but Mario scores!!!
  9. Sandra reports weird numbers sometimes.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  10. Actually that appears not to be true any longer-yes the suffix on my 10/22/2001 BIOS version that was extant on my mobo when I purchased it ended in "-5W".

    I re-flashed my mobo BIOS with the latest ABIT mobo BIOS (01/28/02 version)and now the BIOS version appearing after post shows suffix "-68". By the way reflashing to the latest BIOS then clearing CMOS restored the proper CPU speed now showing after post, on system information, with WCPUCLK and with Sisoftware Sandra.
  11. Where did you find that version? It isn't at the Abit site under KG7 BIOSes.

    My case has so many fans that it hovers above the ground :eek: .
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