anyone know info on the AMD Thoroughbred ?

I'm wondering when the thoroughbread is expected to be released if anyone knows? Also, can we expect prices similar to that of the current xp 1700/1800 ranges? Or will we have to pay significantly higher for the new processor? I've just heard of this thoroughbread through some articles so I really don't know the first thing about it other than its 0.13 istead of 0.18..

If anyone knows a lot about the thoroughbread please post some info on it, as I'm really clueless! =)
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  1. the T-BRED will be on a .13 process ... will start at 2000+ rating. may have 512kL2 cache ....may have 166 FSB...

    The T-BRED should be cheaper than the XP for the simple fact they are cheaper to make.

    Release date is likely sometime in march...

    Pricing should follow the standard model... slightly higher than the xp line at launch... then getting cut in price by the summer.
  2. just a die shrink

    And will not be cheaper that actual XP unless they get badly beat by NW.
  3. I suppose then that the XP processor will be the best buy, seeing as they can only go down in price.. and the 512k t-bred will debut as a 2000 you said which means it will probably cost a fair bit more than say a 1700 or 1800 XP? Thanks for the info
  4. no one know for sure if the T-Bred will be more than just a die shrink, (well i suppose there is a good number of people over at amd...) It is my belief that the XPs will disapear kind of quick after 0.13 starts, the new technology is cheaper once set up, in the end, i think you can expect the 2000+ T-Bred to be an excellent OC'er... but don't quote me on that...

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