Cant find bluetooth in device manager on Windows 7 64 bit


I have a new Dell Studio XPS 1452 with 64 bit Windows 7 Proffessional and I can't see my bluetooth in Device Manager can someone help
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  1. Did you check the manual that came with the system, regarding bluetooth?
    Bluetooth hardware usually doesn't show as separate hardware in device manager. Also bluetooth usually turns on after you turn on the Wi-fi. So do that & through your cell phone, do a device search & check whether the computer is getting recognised or not.
  2. I have turned the Wifi off and tried to seard for the device and I can't see it . I have tried to search for the bluetooth in control panel and it's not showing anywhere
  3. No no, I mean turn Wifi ON, then try searching for the device from your cellphone.
    Also have you checked the manual? That would be the best place to look.
    Btw, I tried searching for your system online, but wasn't able to find it. Could you tell its exact name?
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