Should I be worried?

My 430W Enermax PSU has 2 fans, obviously. Sometimes, when they gather dust, they make very strange noises. I use a can of compressed air to blow out the dust, and the noises disappear. Are my PSU's fans on the verge of failure or is the dust simply making it harder for the fan to spin? I'm pretty sure it's the latter, but I see nothing against asking to be completely sure.

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  1. I would think it's the dust. Maybe you should pop off the fan grills so you can clean the fans better? You might not be getting all the dust, which would explain why the noise starts again so soon.

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  2. I would open the whole thing and give it a good cleaning, it doesn't hurt it. Should see what I do to my CPU coolers, washing them like a carwash (hairdryer included), but they're nice and clean after. No water for the fans, only moist cloth. Next going to be this old monitor, opening it up and going at it in the garage with a compressor dusting it out like new (safe, can adjust the pressure).

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  3. the fan on my playstation 2 has the same problem but i dont have 1 of the special screw drivers to open it up.
  4. Just be really carefull if ya actually open up the power supply. Even if they are not plugged in they can still shock you. I had a buddy get zapped that way. (of course he is a moron though)

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