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I have a computer that a few times per day spontaneously restarts without warning just as if there had been a sudden power grid failure, but this thread isn't about the hardware problem of it (I have another thread about that) but rather a very annoying issue that results from it.

Due to the many frequent crashes, sometimes Windows seem to "break" files that happened to be open as the computer froze and died. I've lost a few text files and things this way, but as most important things are backuped this isn't a huge issue in itself (besides the severe annoyance).

But now, something new has happened. Two of the programs that were running at the time of the crash, refuse to start again after rebooting. I tried rebooting about 10 times and every time when I tried to launch the programs again, they crashed and died. I even tried removing the programs from disk and reinstalling them fresh again, but even THEN they are not allowed to start but simply crash anew.

Since the newly reinstalled files are certainly not damaged in any way on the hard drive, I'm guessing that somehow Windows 7's handling of these files in memory is what's gotten buggered up. I'm sure a format of the main drive and reinstalling Windows would fix it, but that feels like a sad solution as it might just happen again two days later until I manage to figure out the hardware reason for why the system shuts down.

Does anybody know what could have happened to these programs during the sudden crash so that they crash even when reinstalled? And would there be anyway to remove that "block" on the specific programs in Windows 7 config files somehow?
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  1. Try uninstalling those programs, run chkdsk with the fix option, then reinstall the programs.
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