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I just built a computer with an athlon xp 1700+. For some reason it restarts randomly sometimes. I checked all my cables and made sure there were no device conflicts. I updated the BIOS, and the motherboard is a MSI K7t266a so you know. If anyone can help it would be appreciated
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  1. What powersupply are you using?

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  2. Do you have windows xp.

    If so, make sure restart automatically for system error is unchecked.

    Its in your system properties tab.

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  3. Also this option is in Windows 2000. However in Windows XP, for some stupid ass reason, it is shipped with the option by default turned on. I don't understand why anyone would want this option. If you know let me know.

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  4. I had this problem!

    The answer for me was... *drumroll please*....

    BAD RAM!

    I took out the 128 MB stick that came with my computer, and put in a 256 MB stick I bought from Future Shop (it was 'Azen' brand... probably cheap stuff... but I bought it there because they have a 30 day return policy just in case it didn't fix the problem).

    Anyways... with the new 256 stick of RAM, my computer does NOT crash anymore!!

    Give it a shot!
  5. If it's not the Ram, its alomst a 100% gaurantee its an insufficient Power Supply......

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  6. yea it sounds like a memory long as you have a 300w plus power supply it should be ok but in some cases its not with some power sucking components like a gef 3 etc....i would suggest a 400w psu....
    i just had a stick of ram go bad not long ago and my computer would boot up to about the long on screen and then reboot....i had two stick so it was hard to identify but after i got the bad one out it runs good now.....if you can try another stick

  7. ASSUMING its the ram........go into your Bios, and set you Ram Timings to worst Safe settings...or Normal......and change CAS Latency to 3.....everythign to highest numbers possible related to ram timmings......than see if it still gives u this problem...

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  8. 99% of the time itll be RAM or power supply. Even if the supply is rated 300watts make sure its a good quality, a power spike can reboot your system! Also cheap or defective RAM will have the same symptom.....

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  9. Here is a link to my old thread so that you can see if my problems sound like yours. It also might contain some good advice that maybe works in your specific situation....
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