Toshiba a205 wont boot after bios, black screen white cursor

hi.. i have a toshiba satellite a205... about a month ago i was updating my windows 7 and it shut down suddenly.....afterwards it wouldnt turn on but after trying a few tricks it worked and windows booted just fine..but then i shut it down it woudnt power down, it just restarted only this time it would not boot windows...the bios boots just fine but afterwards it just gives me a blinking cursor at the top left corner of the won't boot from the dvd rom and it wont boot from the hdd..and when i long press the power button it restarts the computer instead of shutting it down...i have tried to flash the bios, replace the cmos battery, formatting my hard disk, the toshiba recovery disks and nothing friend whose really good in computers tells me its the bios chipset or the motherboard..i dont money for such repair ...if anyone has any advice on how to fix it i am begging you please let me know....please!!
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  1. This might be covered by warranty, a catastropic failure like this would obviously be experienced by other users too; There is already a battery recall out on it... When did you buy it? There was an i processor recall back in january... Users of your exact same model are suffering failures on nearly all of this notebook's parts
    It is most likely a faulty motherboard, but knowing toshiba, it would take a class action lawsuit to even think about a recall.
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