Need to buy a laptop SOON..

hello everyone.. :hello:

I'm from India and i need to buy a new laptop soon basically for my studies but besides work i''ll be using it for everything especially for games....I am a very hardcore gamer but sadly I could not play any game in the last 2 years bcoz of my hard studies so its payback time now ;)

My budget is around 47000-48000 INR and frankly i even saw a few laptops from dell & hp in my local stores.
Among all of them HP DV6 series caught my eye, besides having good looks I was impressed by its features naming beats audio, some heat control system, modern touchpad, 2 USB 3.0, fingerprint censor etc etc. It also had pretty good configuration like 4GB ddr3 ram, 640GB 7200rpm HDD.
There were now two of them had i3 2nd generation 2410m processor with 1GB Radeon graphics (not sure about series, maybe it was HD6770m :sweat: )
its price was 48000 INR and other one had i7 2nd generation 2630QM processor with 2GB radeon graphics (probably the same series) This one costs 54000 INR.

I know the second one is quite out of my budget but can someone please explain me how much the difference will be in the performance of these two machines and is it really worth 6000 INR difference?? I know processor is one of the most important thing in PC's and i7 will be quad core on the other hand i5 will be dual core but does that difference alone is 6000 INR worth in performance??? (and yea also the addition of 1gig in the graphic card!!) Because if the second machine is really that great i may try to convince my family about buying it :whistle: (though it can cost me my life :cry: )

One more thing, I happen to have a coupon code for 30% discount on HP dv6 laptop (it is the main reason for me to go for HP) but the HP call center guys said it will only work for US online purchase but I don't have any relative or knowns in US anymore....though i have in UK but its of no use and i'm literally crying because of with 30% discount i'll be able to grab that i7 machine + 1080p resolution upgrade + several other upgrades & it will be still in my budget also making it a perfect birthday gift for me! :cry:
So if anyone have any idea to solve this problem..plz tell me bcoz my brain is out of stupid ideas :(

Thanx for your help in advance, I'll be forever grateful for ur help.... :wahoo:
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  1. Well, as far as discount goes, you could try to place the online order through the HP USA website and then arrange to get it shipped to India ( you will probably have to pay a lot for shipping this way) So find out the details before you start placing orders.

    As far as one laptop being more expensive that the other, we need to see the detailed specs to know if that 6k INR is only due to processor being different (I think it's not only the processor in question here)

    As far as CPU comparrison: 2630 vs 2410
    so, end of story, if it's only the processor difference for $140 USD then it's not worth that much. But, please provide the full specs for both machines
  2. well the only other difference is i7 one have 2 GB Radeon graphics on the other hand i5 one have 1GB of Radeon graphics (maybe both of series 6770 M but not sure :( ) Rest of the specs are exactly same like 4gb ddr3 ram, 640gb 7200rpm HDD and etc etc...

    And yeah, I saw that chart but i really didn't understood what are they talking about there maybe someone should help me out just a little bit. :sweat:
    The i7 one have just 2ghz where as i5 have 2.3 ghz but i'm assuming that i7 has to be superior so does that mean because of 4 cores i7 will behave as 2 x 4 cores= 8ghz and similarly i5 will behave as 2.3 x 2 cores = 4.6ghz?? :o
    Actually i'm really confused what is the benefit of more cores and what does Bus/Core Ratio means.... :heink:

    About discount....I talked to them about this through HP US website and they said they can only deliver within US!! :cry:
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    First of all,the difference between 1GB and 2GB GPU isn't noticeable.
    As for CPU,well it's not exactly like that.You can't multiply the cores with clock speeds to judge the performance.
    The i7 is 2.0GHz which means you basically have 4 cores @ 2.0GHz speed;whereas, the i5 has 2 cores @ 2.3GHz.Overall,I'll go with the i7 because it's faster in multitasking and some games.
  4. is it for sure that i7 2630qm despite being 0.3 ghz slower and having 3 digits lower in Bus/Core Ratio will provide performance worth extra 6000 INR than i5 2410m??? :P

    and one more thing is it safe to ship a laptop like sensitive technical machine from US to as far as India (even if provided that it'll be untouched and will be sent in the same condition as it was delivered by HP itself) ????????? :o
  5. Like I said,in multitasking,and apps such as PS/3Dmax etc. and some games,the quad core wins.
    In daily tasks,you won't notice a difference between them
  6. oh i i7 is better in that case but i have one more doubt abt it i've heard i7 is very power hungry as compared to other processors and it drains out the battery very soon.....IS IT TRUE?? if yes, than how much will be the estimated difference till my battery runs out half an hour ?? 1 hour??

    and recently i read some bad things about HP brand in someone or u please tell me about the common problems faced with HP products? :(
  7. common problems are overheating, because HP doesn't do a very good job on providing enough fans in proper places.
  8. First of all I'm sorry for replying this late and thanx to u guys i have finalized to go with i7.
    But Maziar said that the difference between 1GB and 2GB GPU is not noticable
    and I just noticed that there is around 75 US Dollar difference between HD6770 1GB & HD6770 2GB, then why pay extra 75$ if its not of any use.
    Can u both or anyone reading this tell me that whether or not spending 75bucks more for 2GB gpu will help in ANY WAY or Not??? :o
    Please help me and sorry for deviating from the original question.... :(
  9. Not it's not worth it.The difference between 2GB and 1GB isn't notable
  10. are you sure 1GB will be sufficient even for the Full HD 1080p resolution not only now but also in future??? :ouch:
    I may be need to do serious multitasking and run programs + games which eats lots of Vram. Also i dont want to cry and resent in future say after 4-5 years for not be able to spend few extra bucks to get 2GB instead of 1GB!

    But seriously i'm dumb in these things and it is my last doubt given the resolution. :sweat:
    I'll obviously go with what you experts advice me... :bounce:
  11. You won't be able to run games on 1080p(on high settings),so 1GB vs 2GB isn't important on a card like 6770M.
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  13. So there won't be no harm to me in any sense if i just go along 1GB HD6770 instead of 2GB, right?? :ouch:

    Thank you Maziar and Antizig for your precious help...! :D

    Also thank you Antizig for your idea about shipping and stuff... :)
  14. You'll be fine,enjoy your new laptop :)
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