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200 or 266

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February 15, 2002 12:06:56 AM

Im after a bit of info on how much difference performance wise there would be between an Athlon 1.4 with 200 front side bus and an Athlon 1.4 266 fsb ?
The reason i ask this is because im looking to update my processor but i have to get a new motherboard [i have a slot A motherboard and an Athlon 700 ]
the motherboards im deciding between are :

Gigabyte GA7IXE-H 200FSB - I wont have to buy memory [ive got 320MB pc100 ]
ECS K7S5A SDRAM or DDR 200/266 FSB - I'll have to buy some 133 or DDR memory [ which i can't really afford]

My dilema is that i can afford a 1.4 and a motherboard, but not a 1.4, motherboard & Memory.
Should i hold out for a bit of money in order to buy the 266 fsb motherboard,processor and memory?

Any help would be much appreciated thx.

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February 15, 2002 12:40:49 AM

yes, there is a significant performance boost if u use 266fsb over 200...
anything memory intensive basically.

thats not to say a 200fsb athlon is by any means bad...

hmmm.... seems your stuck with no money.
bad situation.

you could go for a kt133a based chipset and use your pc100 ram at 100... then upgrade to PC133 ram later. but then that stops u from using DDR ram unless u upgrade again.

i think it would be best if you held out...
then u could get everything at once,
a nice cheap ECS or Leadtek sis735 based motherboard, some pc2100 ddr ram and an athlon.

then again, you could always save money and get something a bit slower like a 1000 or 1200

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February 15, 2002 2:38:11 AM

Try selling your mobo/cpu/ram and then you'll have the money for better ram. There is always people with less money than you and would be happy with your setup.

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February 15, 2002 3:41:40 AM

Damn FSB stuff, still don't completly catch it! Help!
Epox EP-8KTA+
** There is a jumper, JP14, on the mobo that goes 100Mhz(default) or 133Mhz for "CPU Host Clock Select"
** The manual also states I can use Pc-133 (whitch is what I presently have)
** I presently have a Duron 750
Does not the Duron 750 run at 100FSB and therefore the JP14 is set to 100Mhz(default) and my Pc-133 is actually running at 100Mhz.
Also if the JP14 is set to 133Mhz what is the proper Athlon to get to max out this mobo. The manual states 1.1Ghz is max, but 200FSB or 266FSB?
Oh! Grand PooBaa, you have the answer for sure.
I kneel to your greatness :-))

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February 15, 2002 4:20:51 AM

Actually, any of you techies who knows this stuff can respond. The "Oh! Grand PooBaa, you have the answer for sure.
I kneel to your greatness :-))" is only for show bizz.

Are we really ready for "contact" ?
February 15, 2002 8:22:03 AM

whats to catch??

FSB multiplied by multiplier = Mhz.

ram typically runs at FSB OR in some cases can run ASYCHRONOUSLY at 133 with the fsb still at 100.

as for all your jumper options i really dont know... i assume that board is either a kt133 or kt133a correct?

Overclocked athlon 1200C @ 8.5 x 166FSB + PC2700 = GOOD! :smile:
February 15, 2002 11:49:30 AM

You do know that 200 and 266 FSB is just the 100 or 133 MHz FSB Double Date Rated so 200=100*2 and 266=133*2, don't you?

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February 15, 2002 12:35:19 PM

Yes, they have difference.
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February 15, 2002 4:52:01 PM

Well, I guess. But If I use regular PC-133 and set my cpu jumpers to 133Mhz, then get a athlon 1.1Ghz 266FSB, what does the "double Data Rate"? The cpu, the chip set or the memory itself? My chipset is Via KT-133. Nothing about 200 or 266 FSB or DDR in my Epox EP 8KTA+ manual.
What I want to know is what Athlon should I get: the 200FSB or the 266FSB?

Are we really ready for "contact" ?
February 15, 2002 9:43:52 PM

yeah, i think i will hold out for a bit more money and get the 266 fsb.
Thx for the help :) 
February 16, 2002 8:16:12 AM

Your FSB is in reality running at 100 or 133 MHz, the 200 and 266 MHz is just your FSB 'dual-pumped' which means data gets transfered two times per clock sycle the interface between the CPU and Northbridge is 200/266 MHz, but wihout DDR RAM the interface between the Northbridge and the Memory is 100/133 MHz. So if your chipset supports 133(266) MHz CPUs then get a 266 MHz CPU.

My case has so many fans that it hovers above the ground :eek:  .