I am curious, and am not completely sure where this post should fit, so I apologize if anyone feels this is in the wrong place.

I am wondering if anyone knows the effects cigarette smoke has on computer components. Does it shorten the life of fans, lasers and CDs, and that sort of thing?

Any opinions would be appreciated.

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  1. It will render the components useless over time.. by killing the computer operator


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  2. This is true, but other than that. I know someone who is a very heavy smoker and they are always having components fail on their newer computer. So I thought maybe it was the smoking.
  3. Cigarette smoke can shorten the life of a hard drive by 25-50%. It can also cause fans to crust up, and therefore damage CPUs, GPUs, and PSUs.

    Dust is enough of a problem with computers, but Cigarette smoke results in tar mixing with the dust to make an ugly combo that can kill fans very easily, and retain heat inside your computer. It can also get into your hard-drive casing easier than normal dust and clog things up there. Also, it tends to turn cases an ugly brown (well, white/beige cases at least)

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  4. Yes, I would say smoking has bad results on hardware. The tar mixing with dust makes for a nasty substance. Its more like cloth then dust at that point and sticks to everything. Fans and other moving parts are killed many times as fast. CDROM and floppy drives (esp CD) are the hardest hit by smoke. A CDROM that lasts for years in a smoek free area usually will die in a year or so with lots of smoke. I dont know if I agree with the poster who said drives are killed, cuz hard disks are sealed so nothing an get in! But as I said fans slow down and become less effective as time goes on much more quickly then without smoke. It also makes it real hard to clean the system as well.... As for the CPU and cards and stuff it just makes em stain faster, it wont kill em directly.

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  5. Can it coat CDRoms so they aren't readable, and what about the lasers in those CDs, are they affected as well?

  6. The smoke dust will probably stick to the cds if left in the open and dust will get into the cd-rom when you open the tray and stick onto the lens, which will make it not read cds.

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  7. I agree, when I open a smoker's computer, there are lots of dust in there, especially on the fan and CPU heatsink. One more reason for people to quit smoking.
  8. Cat hair is bad for computers also...We should kill all cats!

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  9. Quote:
    Cat hair is bad for computers also...We should kill all cats!

    well at least leave us a breeding pair .. I love chinese food


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  10. Not trying to say that you guys are completely wrong because it doesn't take a genius to point out some of the obvious aspects of the damages caused by smoking around computers. But, my stepfather used to smoke two packs a day and all of his time was spent at the computer. I’m not denying that it has the possibility to damage a system but the computer that he used to use is still up and running with all the original components from HP, except it now has an extra processor and more RAM, with no problems.

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  11. i highly doubt that.
    we have always had a cat, and the current one sheds bad in spring and all thru summer basically, and the worst ive found is like 2 hairs inside the case, ever.
    the normal accumulation of standard dust is far worse

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  12. yup, other than changing the color of the case/components like CD-ROM, monitor casing... I never noticed anything else going bad in a smoker's computer faster than in others. Hell at work we used to have a 286 so brown it could pass for wood casing computer, it was running great till got replaced so we can run something decent on it. That thing got smoked on it for ages and never replaced anything in it, only cleaned the screen once a while so it didn't look so ugly.

    Smoke doesn't make dust, it leave a film like substance on parts (and everything else, walls, furniture, your other home electronics....), also it takes some smoking beside the computer to get the film on it. That's why the changing color plastic parts. Soap and warm water clean it right off and no damage.

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    Never heard of computer die of second hand smoke. LOL

    Anyway, I quit smoking after almost 20 years.

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  13. I have certainly seen older machines that run forever around smoke, however I have also seen alot of toasted CDROMs that seem to have died more quickly in smokey places. The smoke does not make dust, but the "film" makes the existing dust clump up and get slightly sticky in areas that are dusty. Now there are other factors like usage, if you never open the CD tray it will last. Or the density of the smoke, I have seen rooms that are foggy most of the time. Also older machines are not as good as an example as todays where there are alot of fans running for cooling, most older desktops had 1 large and sturdy fan in the ps and thats it. I am not saying smoke would kill a computer by any means. However there is certainly a bit more wear on a few of the (moving) parts, although not nearly as hard on the machine as throwing it down the stairs or running it over with a truck (both of which I have seen =)

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