How do I make a proper system disk?

well, i got my new system to fire up. turns out the system was shutting itself down despite the fact i have a connected fan w/sensor. go figure, i had to disable the FOC -fan off control.

Now then, how do I go about getting a system floppy disk to go about formatting/partitioning my hard drives and installing windows xp?

I am running a soyo k7v dragon + board w/ amd athlon 1800+. sony dvd rom and an ati radeon 8500 video card. 512 mb unbuffered no-ecc corsair ram.<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by DeixovreLumni on 02/15/02 09:31 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
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  1. You should be able to boot from the XP CDROM. During install it lets you delete/create partitions on your hard disk to install. Once installed you can use the disk manager to partition/format the remaining space on any drives.

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  2. I tried booting to the xp disk and it wasn't able to detect my hard drives. I'm stuck. I'm trying to use two 60 gyg IBM drives under the RAID 0 function. I am using an integrated FastTack100 controller in my Soyo K7V Dragon mobo.

    The drives are new and I have no idea how to format/partition or do what is necessary. I tried FDISK from a win98 start up disk but that didn't work.. It made a primary partition of only one drive.
  3. Perhaps you need to get a copy of the drivers for your raid to install before XP starts to work? It would be at the prompt as XP CD is booting, look at the bottom of your screen.

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  4. Are you sure you set up the RAID 0 array correctly?

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  5. check the soyo website or promise whoever made the raid controller you will have to create a driver disk for you RAID controller. if you watch right after the system boots to the cd at the bottom of the screen there is a prompt to press <F6> to install third party scsi or raid drivers. press <F6> there and then when prompted insert the driver disk for the fasttrak controller.

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