Windows laptop freezes in windows but not linux?

I have a toshiba laptop. Its a few years old but still runs great, 2.0 Dual core centrino, 4gb ram and dedicated video. For the past 2 years windows kept freezing and i couldnt figure out why. I have gone through 3 hard drives and reinstalled a fresh version of windows multiple times. A few weeks ago i installed Ubunutu on it and it never froze up ran great. The problem is i dont like linux. So today i put the windows 7 cd back into the drive and reinstalled windows...but the setup even froze on me..thats the first time thats happened. And yes i have use different DVDs so its not that. I was just curious to see if anyone had an answer since I cant figure it out and i consider myself pretty good with computers
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  1. nobody?
  2. Since Linux works fine, it's probably a Windows driver issue, does it run okay in safe mode? If so, add the latest version of your drivers one at a time and test for stability. Just to be complete I would also first check the memory with a CD burned from the freeware MEMTEST86.
  3. actually when it was freezing alot, i would boot in safe mode and it did run fine for the most part..couple times it slowed down but it was barley noticeable. Ill try the memory and get the latest drivers to see if that helps, Thanks!
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