How to delete my user account windows 7 if administrative password is lost

admistrative password is lost and problems are found when instel or uninstel or other.
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  1. If you are asking how to get admin password back, or bypass it, we can't do that. Yes, you can't install or uninstall without the password to an admin-privileged account.

    Did you by any chance create another user account and give it admin privileges? In that case, you can use the other account. Or explain a little more.
  2. Much easier just to ask the person you took the PC from. Just sayin.
  3. vrumor

    You are starting to look pretty familiar on these threads. If I'm in even a halfway-decent mood, I give the OP the benefit of the doubt.
  4. Yup, call em as I see em. If I violate any rules, please let me know. Some mods are subjective when it comes to that.
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