Problem with 1920x1080 - HD5770 - LG M237WA - HDMI

hello, my problem is the monitor LG M237WA show a 1.5 centimeters black borders
in 1920x1080 resolution, i installed the last driver for HD5770 Vapor-x and catalyst 10.4
Widows 7 not detect the monitor, but with DVI the resolution shows without problems

The problem is with the HDMI CABLE with this conection the problem ocurrs, in 1920x1080 it's shows a black border 1.5 centimeters.

I used Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bits.

I need help please.
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  1. The monitor will have come with a driver CD. Check if you have to install some additional drivers from that CD in order to use an HDMI cable.
    If it runs through DVI w/o any problems, then why not just stick with that?
  2. Silly solution here, but try the auto adjust on the monitor.
  3. The monitor have the drivers for the windows XP but no Windows 7, no drivers for this version.

    And the monitor not have adjust manual.
  4. Solution is simple, it's called HDMi overdrive, You can either make the picture bigger, or smaller with it.
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