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Hi Guyz am having trouble with my Laptop. It all started when i left it to hibernate and when i started it it kept saying "BOOT FAILED". So i fornatted the HD and installed New Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit. Now every time i try to run it it says windows has detected problems with the startup, when i try to repair, it says the version of windows you are running cant be repaired. So i try installing windows 8 pro also detects problems with the startup on reboot just one hour after installing. So i reinstall Win7 Ultimate, it again detects problems with startup.
I have installed windows over 10 times even changing the discs and versions of windows. Any Help. Thanks in advance.
HP 650 Notebook
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  1. The problem of "the version that you have cannot be repaired" may be that you are trying to do a repair with an original Windows disk and you have since updated to SP1. If that is the case, the easiest thing to do is to download a trial image of Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit SP1 from DIGITAL RIVER and burn it to a DVD. Use it as your new install disk with your original key.

    I would first run a memory and HDD diagnostic. Download, burn a CD, and run MEMTEST86. Next grab a copy of Hiren's 15 and boot from that CD and run a HDD test depending on what brand drive, or use a general HDD diagnostic. Then I would use that new install disk, a custom install, delete all partitions, and then install on the single remaining unpartitioned space.

    If there is critical data that you are trying to first retrieve, you could try a full REPAIR INSTALL, although it may be too late for that with all your prior efforts.

    Once you have it working, I would disable hibernation as it causes issues like this. The easiest way to disable and delete the hiberfile.sys file is to open an elevated command prompt (right click command prompt and run as admin) then type: powercfg.exe /hibernate off
  2. I had an issue with that problem a while ago (think years). It came down to the install disk did not like that another OS disk formatted the HDD. When I used the install disk to format the HD, then install went all the way and (at the time) Windows Vista loaded fully without a problem.
  3. Quote:
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  4. Ran HDD test nothing there was still no progress so i deleted all partitons and now installed windows 7 home premium SP1 now when i check on the CPU performance its between 0%-3% and windows explorer keeps on crashing. After a reboot i get the message saying am logged in as a TEMP user and my icons disappear still explorer keeps freezing. The PC isnt even month old plizzzzzzzzzzzz
  5. So the HDD drive utility says your drive is ok?

    After the install did you install all the device drivers with the latest off the HP web site?

    Also, before trying another clean install, I would check your memory with MEMTEST which is a free download you need to burn to a CD and boot from it.

    Also, if you start in safe mode is the computer stable?
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