Given a choice, which CPU for small server

Given a choice, which CPU out of these 2 would be better for use in a small server that mostly did web, mail, and FTP? A PII 350mhz or a Celeron 667mhz?
I currently have the PII 350mhz running it now, but I recently aquired the Celeron and am wondering if I'll benefit by putting that in as the server cpu. Granted, it's a higher mhz, but it has half the cache (although faster) and runs at 66mhz instead of 100mhz bus.
Any thoughts?
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  1. mmm tough call.
    is there anything wrong with the p2-350 your using now?

    you COULD TRY to use the celleron at 100Mhz fsb u know...
    get a good cooler, up the voltage a little, and try and see if it runs at 1000mhz.
    those cellerons are known to be considerably overclockable.

    Overclocked athlon 1200C @ 8.5 x 166FSB + PC2700 = GOOD! :smile:
  2. The server runs fine now with the p2-350mhz in it. The server is running Win2K, but I'm using all 3rd party software for the server apps... Apache to host 2 domains, MDaemon Pro for 2 mail domains, Bind DNS for the DNS, and Bullet Proof FTP (formerly G6). It has 256mb ram and 3 30gb HDD's. I've been real happy with it for the last 2 years or so...never gotta reboot except for after them dang MS critical updates!!
    That's really all it's used for and it doesn't get a whole bunch of traffic, but it does get quite a bit at times.
    I guess I could always run some benchmarks, then swap cpu and run some more.
    Does anyone know of good benchmarks to run that would simulate the type of loads this system would see on a normal basis?
  3. Id try the celeron! The P2 is better clock for clock but the celery is almost twice as fast!! I think itll edge out the P2 nicely. You can always switch back, it shouldnt take more then 5 minutes to swap the CPUs =)

    Jesus saves, but Mario scores!!!
  4. im guessing any benchmark thats memory/disk bandwidth intensive.
    thats why im kinda against you swapping out the 350. even though its considerably slower it does have superior cache and bus/ram speeds. unless u overclock of course.

    im thinking some sandra benchmarks and/or winstone office benchmarks.

    maybe do a search for server type benchamrks?

    Overclocked athlon 1200C @ 8.5 x 166FSB + PC2700 = GOOD! :smile:
  5. Well like I said, CPU swap = 5 minutes! As long as there is a time he can take the server down for a little bit to try it cant hurt =)

    Jesus saves, but Mario scores!!!
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