Update to Acer Aspire TimelineX 3830TG?

I've only just needed to buy a new laptop and I've really liked what I read about the 3830 and 4830TG. Was just wondering if anyone knows about Acer's update habits - could there be an update to these models by Christmas? I want to know if I'd have to hold out for long to get a newer model.
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    new models come out constantly--i got an acer aspire timeline x 5820t about a month ago with the extended life battery--not really into gaming on my laptop so the hd3000 graphics do fine for me--the long battery life was my main option--only thing i can fault is the glossy screen reflects everything

    so i would say by christmas yes new models would be available--but then by next march newer models would be available again--you just cant keep up--the current core i3 and i5 are excellent performers and core i7 is probably overkill

    just be carefull as some of them now have built in batteries i think the 4830TG you mentioned is one of them and to me that would be a no go--what happens when you need a new battery?
  2. Haha. Trust me, I know about that. I used to own a Fall 2009 MBP. Overpriced piece of $#&%.
    Thanks. Dunno if I can hold out till Christmas though. It's gonna be rough...
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