Duron mobo

I am building a cheap Duron (850-950) based system.

Should I go for a <b> used KT133 </b> mobo or should I buy a <b> K7S5A SiS 735</b> with <b> DDR 2100(266)</b>?

Will DDR 266 make a difference with a Duron or is it not worth the money difference?

Mind you that most probably this system will stay as is for a long time, so upgradability to an Athlon is not such a big plus.

Would you recommend against KT133 or SiS 735 ?
Is there another cheap mobo for Durons?
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  1. K7S5A SiS 735 I believe will allow you to run the FSB at 133. The KT133 will probably not. I just dropped my Duron800 into a Shuttle AK31 rev .31. FSB is 140, multiplier set at 6.5 using default voltage. The K7s5a I believe also has built in ethernet.

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  2. Durons are helped hugely by DDR memory. The higher bandwidth of DDR SDRAM vs SDRAM alleviates some of the problems of the Duron's small L2 cache.

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  3. ...but of course, a Duron with a 200MHz FSB and PC1600 RAM will be slower than a Duron with PC133, simply because PC133 has lower latency. You need to run the FSB at 266MHz and use PC2100 to see the advantages of DDR RAM.

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  4. I never saw any head-to-head comparisons between 100mhz SDRAM and DDR systems.

    I do recall, as you said, that DDR has a higher latency. However, DDR has a higher theoretical bandwidth. At 100 mhz, SDRAM's theoretical memory bandwidth is only 800 MB/sec compared to DDR which is double at 1600 MB/sec.

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  5. Your probably better off with a kt133 in this instance. It all depends of course on price though. If the two boards are comparable in price than get the ECS board. If you can save a few bucks then opt for the kt133 ( which one btw?) The ECS board does suffer from slight decrease in performance when running memory async. And I really don't think that 900 Duron at 100 FSB is going to make use of the bandwith allowed by DDR. But, I will test it out tomoorow and let you know for sure either way as I am building a 1 gig duron on an ECS platform as we speak. right now it is in fact running on pc 133 but tommorow I am to recieve two 256 meg sticks of DDR and will throw then in just to verify my beliefs.

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  6. I would suggest getting an nforce board. I built a cheap system with a 950 MHz Duron.

    With nforce you get Geforce 2 video, 5.1 Sound, DDR based chipset, and a Network adapter all for around 160$. That is A very good deal!

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  7. Get the K7S5A. I have one in one of my systems and LOVE it. You can't beat it for the price. You get nearly everything you need (sound, LAN, etc.) for ~US$50. And you can probably overclock that Duron to 133MHz FSB if it interests you.

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  8. Thank you all guys!

    Actually that is my concern also, that I will get ECS with DDR 266 and the performance will be the same or even worse than that of a KT133 with SDRAM.

    Ncogneto, what you mean is that if I let the FSB at 100, the ECS will be able to run the DDR asynchronously at 266 but at a performance loss right ?
    But loss compared to which CPU-chipset combination and which setting ?

    Please let me know how you did with your platform, so that I can decide which way to go. (I am trying to spot a used KT133 for sale so then I will compare prices). thanks
  9. For instance on the ECS board

    100 100 sync operation
    100 133 async operation
    133 133 sync operation

    At the setting of 100/133 the board performs less than at 100/100. However this comparison is usually made when comparing memory of the same type ( sdram or DDR RAM). I am not sure how it would compare with say 100/100 SDRAM vs 100/133 DDR RAM. Ultimatly the setting of 133/133 with DDR would result in the best performance but as you state you are going to be using a Duron, and unless you decide to overclock this is not an option.

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