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First of all before you all call me stupid and tell me to search, I have already done that and it did not work

I restarted the computer
I checked file ascociations
I reset the file ascociations
I Checked all the program defaults
I edited the registry by using the files here:

None of it works, so.... my question how do I fix this, short from uninstalling MS Word?
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  1. The link you provided, you tried to use the EXE fix, & possibly the LNK fix (those would be the ones I try first). If so, have you tried to restore to an earlier point in time before the problem occurred?
  2. I have yet to try restoring, must have slipped my mind.
    As stated above, using the .exe and .lnk fix did not 'fix' it. I shall try the restore option.

    If that doesn't work any other solutions? I think it goes a bit far to have to uninstall word just to make this problem stop..
  3. using windows restore was just the same as uninstalling office... oh well guess I'll install it again.
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