Backup Error

I am trying to make a back up of my drive using the Disk Utility and an external hard drive.

I start the backup (restore), enter my password, and within a minute this error comes up.

Restore Failure
An error (2) occurred while copying. (No such file or directory).
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  1. I tried the backup again using a different external hard drive and got the same error.

    The hard drive passes file checks, permission checks, and verify/repair disk checks.
  2. I suggest some better backup software. Here's a free one.
  3. I booted to the Tiger OS X CD and used the Disk Utility there. It copies by blocks, not files. It started going and everything looked good. Then half way through it returned this error:

    Restore Failure
    An error (5) occurred while copying (Input/output error)
  4. ram1009 said:
    I suggest some better backup software. Here's a free one.

    Yeah, that's for PC, not Mac.
  5. How old is your computer?
    By the fact that you're using Tiger, I'd suspect it's a decent age, yes?
    You may just have a problem with your motherboard/IO stuff.
    Get a better hard drive scanner and try it out.
  6. I'm not sure how old my lovely laptop is. It's a 12" iBook G4. Checking now, I bought it in late 2004, so it is 6 1/2 years old. Tiger is the highest operating system it will take. I'm stuck at 10.4.11 forever. But it's a lovely laptop.

    I've used Disk Warrior (See thread about fixing bad sectors below) and that fixed all the errors.

    What software do you recommend?
  7. I mentioned this in your previous thread, but ddrescue is very good.

    Burn an older live PPC build of xubuntu to cd, boot, install ddrescue from repository run it and let ddrescue do its thing.
    (skip to the part about ddrescue)
    last xubuntu ppc image here:
  8. Lamely the 10.04 image is 744 mb, too big for a CDR. Fortunatley I was able to make a bootable DVD Will see how the imaging goes.
  9. OK, I need some serious help here. It's been 10 years since I really worked with unix. I've got xubuntu loaded, but have no idea how to load and run GNU ddrescue. I understand how to use the terminal, change directories, run commands, but where is the gddrescue package?

    Also, is there a command that will list the attributes of all the hard drives and partitions present. I've got ubuntu, my hard drive, and an external hard drive with two partitions and i want to make sure i am copying from and to the right places.
  10. You might want to post over in the linux subforum but I will answer these :)

    sudo (superuser-do) is the command to run commands with escalated privileges

    To get partition info(-l means list):
    sudo fdisk -l

    gddrescue is not installed by default, just grab it from the repository.
    sudo apt-get install gddrescue

    gddrescue will be in the 'universe' repository, you will need to add it to your repo list. (instructions on this page)

    or if you want you can compile it from source :)
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